Solav pay card ( Gift card )

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Solav Pay is the best solution for Buyer & Merchant

For User

You can use Solav Pay card to shop and pay online easly on our website which accept Solav Pay card.

Solav Pay card is a Gift card for purchase products online and pay on and other online shops.

Are you a Buyer & you would like to order products online without credit card and bank account?

You can order your favorite products & pay with Solav Pay gift card.

What is Solav Pay?

Solav pay gift card is a secret coupon code to pay online for goods, you can use it for your self or send it as a gift to your friends or family anywhere in global to shop online on the websites which accepts Solav Pay gift card.

Why you have to use Solav Pay gift card?

Because most of Solav Pay gift card merchant partners and users can’t use Paypal account as merchant or credit cards payment system on their online shop or some of user countries have not own bank account to order and pay online.

Where can I use or Pay with Solav Pay gift card?

You can pay with Solav Pay gift card on online shops they have an agreement with Solav Pay gift card Payment.

What can I buy with Solav Pay card?

You can buy any Product on online shops and pay with Solav Pay gift card, without bank account or credit card.

How you get Solav Pay card?

After ordering Solav Pay card on you will get it by email within 24 hours.

Where you can buy Solav Pay card?

You can buy it online on or on our partners website and send it directly by email to the recipient.

The recipient can use Solav pay card directly to pay  and order on our websites which accept Solav pay card.

How to use it?

You can use Solav Pay gift card as a Payment method on online shops that accept Solav Pay gift card.

How much cost?

There are more charges for Solav Pay gift cards on our website 15,00 EUR. till 1000 EUR. Amount.

How long is the card valid?

Solav Pay gift card is valid till you used all the rest of charges.

Can I charge Solav Pay gift card?

You can charge Solav Pay gift card anytime and buy more voucher to charge again.


Are you a Merchant and you sell your products online?

We give you opportunity to sell online and get your money cash without payment complication.




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