iStar online TV code

ISTAR KOREA subscription Code

The Online TV function is an internet TV. has better quality and barely hanging.
Info.: Better picture quality display stabile is possible only through good internet speed.

iStar online TV Code ( subscription ) that shopping with us, so that the channels for online TV feature in better quality unlock for 12 months, 3511 international channels costs 65,00 – 70,00 EUR. If your bill address is in outside Europe,  if you buy it from inside Europe you pay also the German legal Vat of  %19 of the price.

Without iStar Online TV code the iStar device cannot receive channels online.

We offer the appropriate code for all iStar receiver models.

To purchase the iStar online TV code, click on the Buy Now button at eu/shop/electronic/istar-12-months-subscription/istar-12-months-platinum-subscription/. Upon completing your order, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not have Online TV in your iStar Korea receiver, follow these steps: Open the menu, go to Upgrade, select Online Upgrade, and press the red button to start the upgrade process. After completion, you will find the new function Online TV in your iStar receiver menu.

After my code ( subscription ) Shopping can I exchange the code or give it back?

After your purchase we will send your code soon through e-mail,  we can not exchange for you or take it back.

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iStar Korea online TV code


iStar Korea Online TV Code

( subscription ) 12 months

with 12 months guarantee

NEW 3511 channels


 60.00 – 70.00 EUR

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 You will receive an e-mail for your order maximum within 24-hours. 


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