iStar 12 months online TV |  Zina TV subscription code



iStar 12 months Platinum Subscription for EU + US + Middle East

This subscription works on iStar Korea and Zeed OTT and our app on Android devices

This code does work with these devices:
✅ All iStar Korea Mega and Plus models with OnlineTV App
✅ All Zeed Ott models with OnlineTV App 
✅ All iStar Android modelswith OnlineTV App
✅ All iStar models with OnlineTV App (Not iStar Classic)
✅ All Zeed OTT models
Attention this code does not work with these devices:
iStar Classic old Models

These iStar devices can no longer be extended (please do not buy if your iStar device has this version V37.71):

● istar X3500 and istar X4000 and istar X25000 and istar X60000
V37.71 2019-03-11

● istar X50000 and istar X35000
V37.71 2019-03-19

● istar X2200
V37.71 2019-03-19

● istar X9900
V37.71 2019-03-18

● istar X1000 and istar X1500
V37.71 2019-03-19

● istar A7000
V37.71 2019-03-18


ISTAR One Year Online TV Renewal Code (For All Models) iStar

Has better picture quality display stabile is possible only through good internet speed.

iStar ( subscription ) that shopping with us costs just 70,00 EUR. If your bill address is in outside Europe,  if you buy it from inside Europe you pay also the German legal Vat of %19 of the price.

Without iStar subscription the iStar device cannot activated.

We offer the appropriate code for most iStar devices and Zeed OTT versions.

12 months guarantee and service is only if you order the item from our website not from eBay or other Plattform.

After your purchase we will send your subscription code within 24 hours by e-mail, We can not exchange for you or take it back.


iStar online TV code iStar Online TV

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iStar Platinum subscription code



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iStar 12 months Platinum subscription, iStar 12 months Gold subscription


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